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Intursports Travel Services, new member of the International Sports Travel Agencies Association

New ISTAA membership marks a new step forward for Intursports Travel Services

At Intursports Travel Services we are very pleased to announce that we have become members of the International Sports Travel Agencies Association.

The ISTAA, created in 2009 and currently operating in all five continents, has become one of the most prestigious entities worldwide in the field of sports tourism.

Among its main objectives is the generation and consolidation of networking and business development channels amongst the affiliated members, in addition to valuing the contributions of sports tourism to the global tourism sector.

Implications of being an ISTAA member

As an agency specialized in the management and organization of sports-related services, this membership implies a great step towards internationalization and ensures new opportunities for Intursports Travel Services.

Joining an international organization of the size and relevance of the ISTAA is also a very important milestone. This is not only because of the visibility and prestige it brings to our company, which has been operating in sports tourism sector for over a decade, but also because we believe that it will help to consolidate the province of Castellon as a preferred destination for many teams, both for preseason concentrations, and for the celebration of official competitions and other major sporting events.

All this together with the strictness of the admission requirements, and the fact that there are quite few Spanish associate members, we can strongly affirm that we are very proud of our new ISTAA membership.

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By Elena Hermida / Administrator on Feb 11, 2020